An Affordable Alternative in the Inland Empire

Tournaments Only

Not everyone can afford to pay high club dues, but would still like to play in tournaments. Most of those that play in tournaments with us train with their high school team or play in other sports – but they still want to play in games outside of high school season. We make that possible.

Encouraging Sportsmanship

Competition isn’t just about winning, it is about winning with honor, and losing with grace. Character is determined not by how you win, but by how you lose.

Promoting Teamwork

We don’t just build athletes, we build team players, leaders and community members. Working with others, whether in or out of the pool, is one of the most important skill an athlete can learn.

Join us today!

We have a coaching staff of dedicated professionals with a passion for the game and developing quality people. Contact us to find out how to be a part of an affordable and enjoyable tournament club.